Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too CUTE Tuesday

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Who's Too CUTE this Tuesday? .....

This “interview” is typed exactly how Jailyn told the reporter (her mom).  

My {name} is Jailyn Micah Berryhill but my daddy calls me Jai. My sisters call me Jai-boogie and my mom calls me Jai Jai. And I answer to all four names. Oh and my Granny calls me Sweet Potato.

I feel my {special talent} is singing and dancing; especially Hip Hop. Right now my favorite songs to sing are Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock” and Willow Smith’s “I Whip My Hair”. I like those types of upbeat songs because I’m pretty upbeat. I like ballet but I really enjoy dancing like Michael Jackson and Ne-Yo. They’re pretty good at dancing like me.

Right now my {funny face} is my smile because I lost my two front teeth. Another funny thing is I’m shy. Then when you are my friend I talk a lot.
 I {love love LOVE} Alvin and the Chipmunks. I have both movies. I got the Squeakquel for Christmas and I’ve seen it 20 times already. Alvin is so cute I wish he was real. I also love Hello Kitty. I have a lot of Hello Kitty purses, erasers, coloring books, pencils, and other stuff that’s really cool. My sister Ambria likes her too so I keep my Hello Kitty away from her. I also love all the characters on pbskids.org. Oh and I love animals. I love ALL animals especially tigers. I have a tiger named Tyler and I sleep with her every night. I want a real one but my daddy said NO!

Let’s see what else {about me}? I’m not a baby. My sisters are in high school and I’m in kindergarten. I want to go to college.

me hugging on one of my big sisters (Ambria)
I love my family but I’m really close to my daddy. He’s my bff and so is Lauren and Anna from my school. 

     My Daddy (Robert) and I!

I love to read. I love my teacher, Mrs. Marshall, and school, Mt View. I love kindergarten, math and PE. I have a lot of friends!
I like to stay up real late and don’t like to sleep in my room. My favorite colors are pink, brown and green. I like to play all kind of sports but I’m not a tomboy. I beat my mommy in Wii bowling and Amani in golf. I’m getting a new puppy in five weeks because my dog, Remi, is with God. I’m so excited I can’t wait.

I love to play in the snow. We had snow the other week and I made an angel. I had a snowball fight with my sisters.


I love my mom.

Me ready for school & Mommy (Janine) ready for work!
I got all Es, Ss, 3s and 2s on my report card. I know how to read. The End Friend.

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  1. Yay Jailyn! Not only is she THE cutest little rockstar, she's also Fabulous, Fashionable and so much Fun:)