Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Too CUTE Tuesday!

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"Too CUTE Tuesday" will feature one of your little rockstars!  If you're interested in having yours featured please contact me at MickeyD@AvecAmour.us

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Who's Too CUTE this Tuesday?  .....

                                 {Name} Sydney Paige

{Nicknames} Syd, Syd bug, Nugget, Sis, Girlie

{Talent or Trick} She's super flexible and has a memory that won't let up. We haven't really discovered any really out of this world talents or tricks yet, but we're finding new things everyday :)

                    {Funny Face!} 


{Favorite Characters} She LOVES Hello Kitty right now and Barbie, iCarly and Hannah Montana. She's so into anything girlie and pink!

{A little more about Syd:} Syd is so much fun and is a HUGE Daddy's girl. She makes us laugh daily and lives for it. She is such a comedian but in a weird way is sooo shy even around us. If we catch her singing when she doesn't want us too she clams up. She's so silly like that. Something different about Syd than almost all 6 year old is that she has a cataract. We discovered it when she was 4 and we've been watching it since. They're pretty sure she was born with it so it's sort of a birth mark but lucky for us at this point it hasn't gotten any bigger and doesn't need removed just yet. Her vision is altered some from it but her other eye makes up for the loss and we never knew. If she hadn't failed her eye test at her 4 year old pediatrician visit who knows when we would have figured it out.

She loves music more than life and enjoys cuddling! It's hard to believe she's 6.

(All pictures included in this feature of cutie and family were taken by the wonderful Kate Crafton Photography)

Syd, with Mommy (Onna) & Daddy (James)

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