Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too CUTE Tuesday

Avec Amour has implemented an awesome new weekly feature!*

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Who's Too CUTE this Tuesday? .....

{Name} Lockston Cross Smith

{Nickname} LC and some people try and call me Lock but I don't think my mommy likes it very much. She always says no after it, something about Lock Smith not being in my future.

{Talent or Trick} I am skilled in climbing and dancing. The highest point in the room is always my challenge. I'm pretty good at finding a way to get on top of tables. I then like to stand there and look around at all I have conquered and maybe do a little jumping to mix things up. When it comes to dancing I have got all the moves. Any time a song comes on I am up and moving. Pitbull is my favorite although mommy likes to put softer music on this is what I like to dance to best.

{Funny Faces} I have a ton! I think these are my best:

{Favorite Characters} Oh I have many favorites. To name a few: Mickey Mouse, Dora, Chugginton but my favorite is Backyardigans & Veggietales. They both like to sing and play music so that's why I like them the best.

{About Me} I'm only 20 months old and from what I hear I am all boy! A stinker is what my daddy likes to say. I like to climb, throw, kick, run, jump, dance and play with my doggies. Oh yeah I really love my dog China, she is my best friend.

I'm starting to figure out this whole talking thing as I can say Cat, Ball, Hi, Bye, Mama, Dada, Dog and Cookie. I also know how to say What's That? I like that one a lot as Mommy and Daddy tell me what things are when I say it. I'm getting bigger everyday and I like it. I'm my own little self now and like to be independant. I think this growing up thing is pretty cool.

Catch ya later!