Thursday, April 29, 2010


Please forgive my absence but I have been running amok with work, family, and feeding my little baby of a business Avec Amour & man is it growing! I am so very excited and blessed and just plain happy.

My cup runneth over.

Here's the run down on what has kept me busy and away from the ol' blogspot:

- I've gotten the pleasure to work with the sweet Nomie at to do a giveaway. (the first for both of us, how very cool is that?!) Up for grabs there is the popular Southern Sweetness "Mama Bear" necklace. Voting ends on Friday, April 30th. Go to her site to for details and to enter. 

- Avec Amour is getting ready for its very first booth! We are going to be at A Toast to Tennesse Wine Festival. {oh joy} We're going to hang out and drink wine, eat gourmet food, sell and show off our pieces. Its going to be so much fun, I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it! Speaking of's one of my recent creations:

gives me


- Costco and I had a little chat because they are raising money by silent auction for Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital and of course Avec Amour wants to do a little something something for such a great cause! We have four pieces in the silent auction that I hope will do well and bring in some great donations for the kiddos. :) If you are not familiar with the hospital or the story behind it please click on the link above. Now that was a man Avec Amour!

- Meet Brandy from You Don't Know. She.Cracks.Me.Up. If you love the cool and quirky as we do - head over to her blog that inspired this spunky little number:

And Brandy will be doing a giveaway as well! Up for grabs is a gift certificate for a customized dog tag necklace. Yay! Creative freedom! The giveaway will begin Saturday, May 8th and end Wednesday, May 12th.  Check out her blog for details.

So you see, I have a very good excuse for being MIA - even got a teachers note that may or may not have been forged.



  1. That is soo awesome! I'm so glad things are starting to take off for you. You deserve it! <3

  2. aw thanks hon. I hope they did for you too! and the itty bitty monster gets to feeling better soon.....